you are on the way

For some reason, strange you I started in the same way. I went to see the scenery, one to perceive the unknown world, one in the dark night to encourage each other, support, you meet the beautiful dawn, I watched the splendid and magnificent sunset, you wind this past spring, warm, warm summer, cool autumn, winter the cold. Because of you, the journey of monotone as a sweet memories, muddy road full of poetry, the sky for you and the broader the life journey, by your peers and swaying. In one day, inadvertently, you figure gradually blurred, perhaps because of the occasional mistake, perhaps because the interest difference, perhaps because the heart tired, perhaps, because nothing, just want a person walk quietly on a strange road, that is, the way forward, it is a personal view, loneliness and persistent forward. Life is like a wonderful journey, the pace is always on the road, in the meantime, be immersed and different scenery here, will meet you out of the ordinary, common across a beautiful journey, their best aspect into unfamiliar soul River in, understanding, knowing each other, support, hand in hand. Regardless of wind and rain again big, because of you, lonely journey full of interest and charm, plain landscape due to be struck with fright Long road through a common life, is a kind of speechless happiness. Although, for various reasons, each other began a lone journey, but, once the days passed, the soul to dance the night and day, have been deeply rooted in the depths and the heart, such as mellow wine, still unopened, the heart has been drunk half. A friend said to me, the emotion just like bamboo, each section is closed as a whole, and every closed bamboo Association together, forming a most beautiful scenery. Deep thought ran. Every sincere and good friendship is a closed and vivid bamboo, because independently associated emotions, constitute a rich and colourful life. Those gradually far figure, fuzzy figure, have not disappeared, but hidden and more heart, in a cold and rainy day, will give birth to endless heat, inspire regardless of the weather before. The once beautiful, just like spring. The flowers in full bloom, bright color, beautiful gesture, intoxicating aroma, in passionate, is scattered into the mud, ceased to exist, it seems, those beautiful, because life is short and has no value, I think, no, the beautiful spring scenery, will always exist, does not exist and the sun in spring, but the atrial appendages, the depths of the soul. The fallen petals are not as cruel as they seem; they fertilize those in full bloom instead. There is a saying, you go, I don't see you. You, regardless of wind and rain again big, I will pick you up. I always do not understand, and now some understand. There are countless depart, numerous defects. Inaction in the Qi Lu, children were stained napkin. Wang Bo told the old friend so open-minded farewell, not to the way no friends, who in this world does not recognize you, be in high and vigorous spirits of Gao Shi shake hands don't. Perhaps, the physical meaning of the parting is always short and period, the existence of friendship, will never disappear in smoke because expose to wind and rain, sea memory confidant, Tianya zorpia. So beautiful, will live in my heart forever, Things change, changes, also won't detract from the right.

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rose-tinted spectacles

Laugh, and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone - Eileen chang Life is the act of the play, sometimes is happy, sometimes sad, since we began crying to the scene, we should also draw the curtain for it with a smile. Smile life is an attitude. Different people have different interpretations of the new smile, such as qiu jin "painters must draw YunZhongLong, a also a male." A smile of pride; Such as zhuge liang "not seek fame by governors" cool smile; Such as ruan ji "no man is a hero, is digital fame." Helpless wry smile, such as naive giggle when fan4 jin4 approval. Rose-tinted spectacles is a kind of wisdom. "Whether has no intention, hope heaven clouds scud across, be yourself, view the courthouse flowers bloom." Is the need to end to realize the true meaning of life, not everyone can calm in the face of all, there is always a gap between dream and reality, when I, back to the original, children, who is not in the happiness and sadness, refinement, who does not swing in happiness and pain, life bumpy road, will we torture was black and blue all over, how to let go? How to smile to accept fate, and how to get the smile bold challenge fate? Can a drop of tear, interprets the heart of the sea. A smile, but through the world of the end of the world. Due to is full of stars appear colorful night sky, howhi because of all-encompassing and reveal rich, life will be full of laughter and the filling. Smile, from the pursuit of a dream; Smile, for the joy of success; Smile, also can be the struggle with fullness; Not every effort will have harvest, but each time the harvest must be hard. Tried, even if we don't realize all the dreams, but we can still smile for the use of wasted time. Perhaps, in today's society, we can't su dongpo "domain" misty rain let life cool; "A boat SuoLiWeng, like snow" fishing alone that detachment, to face all the failure and uneven, for our results is hard to let go, at least also want to learn to face with a smile, the pursuit for the dream of the heart. Smile to the mind, not to follow suit. To do otherwise would like a new imitation, affections of more ugly. Because we can be like a pig an ocean of life, but we will never have a pig happy. We are going to study should be a kind of mentality, for smile to become a sign of a mature, mature not heart grow old, but the tears in circles can still smile. Smile, is also a kind of discretion. Don't have a proud, defiant smile. Our laughter is in the face of your life, laugh at others, is one of the largest sarcasm to yourself. A man who had two atrium, live happy, live with sadness. When you don't laugh too loudly, wakes up next to the sad.

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